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Healing Knows no Boundaries

Father Gerald Hammond, M.M.

hammond1Visiting North Korea to bring medical supplies to people with tuberculosis is like being in one of the passages in the Bible where the sick crowded around Jesus begging to be cured.

I serve in mission in South Korea but have made 51 trips to North Korea since 1995 as a volunteer with the Eugene Bell Foundation.  This U.S.-based not-for-profit organization provides medical humanitarian assistance to rural North Korea, where at least 100,000 people are living with tuberculosis.

A New Deacon for Maryknoll

Deacon Shaun Crumb, M.M.

shaun5At the end of our Fall semester at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, the Formation department went to the hometown of Shaun Crumb for his diaconate ordination.  As he was from Glenwood, Minnesota, it wasn’t too far of a journey, and the expected trip was to take around 9 hours to drive.  As Murphy’s Law dictated,
our van began experiencing engine trouble the night before,