Discernment Process

discernment1The mission of the Maryknoll Vocations Ministry team is to facilitate and accompany Maryknoll prospects interested in a lifetime commitment to priesthood or brotherhood during their process of discernment for mission.  During 6-8 months of formal accompaniment by a Maryknoll Vocation Minister or an assigned Mission Promoter a prospect is invited to participate in regular encounters at least every 4-6 weeks. During this time of discernment, he is encouraged to acquire a Spiritual Director and is led through the four steps of vocation awareness: become aware of his call to mission and ministry; gather information and investigate available options; choose what he thinks is God's will; look for confirmation of the choice he makes.  Through a series of formal interviews with the Maryknoll Vocation Minister, a prospect advances in his vocation discovery.  During this time, Maryknoll also has a chance to know him better and his interest in overseas mission work.  
While involved in this time of vocation accompaniment, the Maryknoll prospect is also invited to attend special retreat opportunities, community encounters, and overseas immersion experiences.
Ideally, a prospective candidate should
begin the accompaniment process on a regular basis by August of the year before he intends to apply for admittance to the Maryknoll Formation program.

Helps during the Discernment process