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Discerning a Vocation

Maryknoll Sponsors a Vocation Retreat


Crossroads: if life is a journey, we all eventually find ourselves standing at one – a place where possibilities diverge and eventually dissolve into different horizons.  These are places of discernment and decision.  Toward where should I set my sights? 


The Grunt Priest

Father Vincent Capodanno, M.M.

Father Vincent Capodanno was born on February 13th, 1929, in Staten Island, New York. After attending a year at Fordham University, young Vincent Capodanno entered the Maryknoll  seminary in 1949, and was ordained in 1958.  After ordination, Father Capodanno was assigned to work with aboriginal Taiwanese in the mountains of Taiwan where he served in a parish and later in a school.  


Seminarian John Siyumbu

Summer at the Knoll

siyumbu1The Maryknoll building seems to have an envelope of quiet majesty about it. Looking at the building from the front steps, one gets a sense of the dedication of the many souls that have toiled for God’s mission over the decades. It is a testament of God’s continuing reward on the unwavering resolve of Fr. James Walsh and Fr. Thomas Price. As part of my formation program, I have spent three months living here at the Knoll.

I travelled to Maryknoll from Chicago in the middle of May, 2017. These past few months have been enriching in a variety of ways.


Missionary Discipleship

Disciples of Jesus - Impelled to Mission

pfrancisPope Francis has often used the phrase “missionary disciples.” In his first apostolic exhortation, The Joy of the Gospel (Evangelii Gaudium), he says: “Every Christian is a missionary to the extent that he or she has encountered the love of God in Christ Jesus: we no longer say that we are ‘disciples’ and ‘missionaries,’ but rather that we are always ‘missionary disciples.’”


Mercy and Mission

All Christians are Missionaries

mercy and missionMercy and mission have a close relationship that calls all Christians to be missionaries who share the joy of the Gospel without trying to force others to believe, Pope Francis said.

The joy that comes from conveying God's love and mercy is "the concrete sign that we have met Jesus."  However, he added, "this does not mean proselytizing. This is making a gift: 'I am giving you what gives me - joy.'"

Referring to the Holy Year which just closed on the feast of Christ the King, Pope Francis is a reminded Christians to never tire of feeling the need for God's forgiveness "so that when we are weak his closeness makes us strong and allows us to live our faith with greater joy."


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