Social Justice

social justice Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers are men who serve and live in solidarity with the poor around the world. They actively support the poor through advocacy, solidarity and education, dedicating themselves to addressing peace, social justice and care for creation.

As missionaries, they are called to raise their voice together with the voices of the people in the world who live at the margins of society as well as for the care for Creation.

They collaborate with both faith-based and secular, local, national and international groups. This is most essential if they are to contribute to structural change and a more just world.

Undoubtedly, globalization has permanently changed the way in which people relate to the world. Consumerism and individualism has, in many ways, come to define and express present day realities, aspirations and failures. As Catholic missionaries, Maryknollers are called to defy these modern assumptions and live according to the Gospel.

Maryknollers stand by the teachings of the Catholic Church regarding social justice, and continue to reject the global structures that create, maintain and promote policies that perpetuate world hunger, violence, poverty and inequality. By challenging these structures, they hope to change the lives of millions of poor and vulnerable sisters and brothers in Christ with whom they live and minister. They are also committed to work to heal the Earth.