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Finding God – A Poem by Sem. Jonathan Hill

Finding God

What if God was beyond my constrained Imagination

Not limited by lofty words of mindful expression

Nor kept in a guarded box of theological debate

But free to roam amongst the slightest doubts and strongest fears

That come from the hearts and minds of all

Across the expanse of a multitiered Multiverse

What if God whispered to children and prophets alike

And found expression in the butterfly as well as the pen

Would not the butterfly express the divine best

By Dancing about in its three-dimensional and holy form

Far clearer than a pen which can only illuminate

A dimension or two at best before stopping where the paper ends

What if God was found in that pen as well

Enlightening far more than acid-free paper with lead

But supple minds that can transcend our three-dimensional prison

Into the far-off limits of our cosmic creation

What if God was found beyond our limitations

Hiding not only in the fields of what is known

But in the trenches of guesses and shadows

Of what we think we comprehend

Is God then to be found in our rigid ideologies

Surrounded by deep moats and mossy walls of unyielding belief

That keep God tame to our mind’s imagination

And protects our Orthodoxy from severance or breach

Perhaps God is Only found beyond my rocky walls and muddy moats

Out in the vast and forbidden fields of the Unknown

Where pilgrims stop for fear of life and death

And the sea monsters and dragons of our past still roam

+Jonathan Hill, M.M.

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