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Maryknoll Mission Trips

Greg and Fr. Jon when both were seminarians visiting in East Africa


Throughout our lives when each of us looks to the future there is always a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and some trepidation.  What will the future look like?  Will I be successful?  Will it bring me happiness and contentment?  Is this what God wants me to do with my life?

In many cultural traditions there are proverbs and sayings about this.  In East Africa, where they speak Swahili, they say “slowly, slowly is fast enough.”  Here in the U.S. we simply say “step by step”.  As you consider your future with the possibility of becoming a Maryknoll priest or Brother we can offer you an opportunity to become a mission volunteer serving with us in Thailand, China, Taiwan or Bolivia anywhere from 8 weeks to 1 year.  You can also join a group for short immersion trips (7 – 15 days) to East Africa, Cambodia, Bolivia and Guatemala among several other places.  To learn more about these trips visit us at  You can also contact us at and we can  arrange for you to spend a few weeks actually living with us at one of our missions in Africa, Asia or Latin America to experience what daily mission life is all about.  It’s a way of exploring your future “slowly, slowly” and “step by step”.


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