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A Message From Pope Francis

“The mission of the Christian in the world is a mission for all, a mission of service, which excludes no-one; it requires great generosity and in particular the gaze and heart turned heavenward to invoke the Lord’s help. There is so much need for Christians who bear witness to the Gospel with joy in everyday life. The disciples, sent by Jesus, ‘returned with joy’. When we do this, our heart fills with joy.”

Pope Francis (July 3, 2016)

Our beloved Francis is a missionary pope.  He understands the heart of Maryknoll.  For 101 years we have served God’s mission in countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. Pope Francis characterizes this mission as one of joy, something that echoes true for us as our hearts have indeed been filled with joy through the sharing of our lives, our faith, our hope and our love for God through the many experiences and friendships established with the people we have come to serve.

We seek out and welcome men here in the United States and from countries where we serve who are willing to answer the call to be priests and Brothers.  In 2019 year we welcomed four young men who wish to become priests and another wishing to become a Brother.  We also ordained a new priest and welcomed the lifetime oath of a new Brother.  With sixteen men in our formation program and perhaps six more joining us in 2020 we are excited as young men continue to answer the call expressed so eloquently by our Holy Father.  As we move forward perhaps you may be one of them!


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