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A Diary of a Vocation Minister

In Seattle

Here’s a good story for you. As a new member of the Maryknoll vocations team I traveled for the first time to the state that has the magnificent, the one and only Mt. Rainier. I am speaking of Seattle where Jonathan Jose is currently applying to join us as Brother. He showed me around including the first Starbucks coffee and Century Link Field, where he currently works.

One of the highlights of this trip was certainly meeting Jonathan‘s parents who invited me to celebrate Mass at St. Andrew’s, their home parish. I consider these, “home visits” one of the best part of the job because we get to connect not only with the person who is applying but also with their families and friends who play a key role in motivating the person to make that leap of faith, trust in their inner voice and follow what God has in store for them, namely, a life full of adventure. 

Aware that we are in the Lenten season, here’s a poem by J. Janda you may find helpful.  It reads, “You get too discouraged, you forget you are learning, to walk of course, you fall down, give yourself time, I am patient with you. Be more patient with yourself, I have something very special in mind for you, something only you can do, don’t give up.”

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