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Maryknoll Ordains A New Priest

On Saturday August 22, 2020 Maryknoll ordained Deacon Greg McPhee to the priesthood.  Fr. Greg came to us with a background in law as a criminal defense attorney in Syracuse, New York.  As a seminarian he was sent to Tanzania, East Africa for two years on our Overseas Training Program.  After the ordination ceremony there followed the Mission Sending Ceremony where we learned that our new priest has been assigned to Latin America.

During his Ordination Mass homily Bishop Edmund Whelan, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of New York said: “It’s a different world… we don’t know what’s coming tomorrow.  All of you (Maryknoll missioners) have gone into situations where you didn’t know what was ahead of you, but you made it work. And right now, we have no idea what’s ahead of us in the Church here in New York, in the Church around the world… And as I was driving here today, I said, ‘You know, these guys have lived like that every day since Fathers Walsh and Price (Maryknoll Co-Founders) came up with this idea,’ so thank you. Because you got it right, we’ll get it right, as long as we remember it’s God who’s the one who’s got it right.”

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